Psychological Services Provided

I provide the following primary services. Click into each one to find out more about it. If there is a service that you are interested in and it's not mentioned here, please feel free to get in touch and enquire.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, effective for anxiety, depression, bipolar, stress, trauma, problems at work, addiction and many more

Couples Therapy / Counselling

Couples therapy/ couples counselling perfect for any and all difficulties facing your relationship

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful and effective therapy, that can be utilised in addressing a number of interpersonal and emotional difficulties.

Child Therapy / Play therapy

Child Therapy or Play Therapy involves a therapeutic focus, specifically designed for children.


Assessment is the process of measuring particular aspects of human functioning.


I have extensive training in clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy and am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Online Therapy

Online therapy or webcam therapy involves engaging in the therapeutic process via an online medium